Emotion detector

Face recognition software measures various parameters in a mug shot, such as the distance between the person’s eyes, the height from lip to top of their nose and various other metrics and then compares it with photos of people in the database that have been tagged with a given name. Now, research published in the […]

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Cutting the cloud computing carbon cost

Cloud computing involves displacing data storage and processing from the user’s computer on to remote servers. It can provide users with more storage space and computing power that they can then access from anywhere in the world rather than having to connect to a single desktop or other computer with its finite resources. However, some […]

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An evolutionary approach to epidemics

An evolutionary analysis of public health data during a major disease outbreak, such as bird flu, E coli contamination of food or the current outbreak of Ebola virus could help the emergency services plan their response and contain the disease more effectively. Details are reported in the International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications. Dehai […]

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