Tapping the shale

Growth in scientific knowledge seems to lead to an exacerbation in debate over politically sensitive issues rather than resolution? Nuclear power, global warming, vaccination, creationism, fracking…the list goes on. There are at least two possible explanations. First, controversies arise because of the complexity of nature. Secondly, politics and power drive the debate. The result is […]

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August Research Picks

A cyber storm in a key map Computer scientists in the USA have devised a method for analyzing, visualizing and sharing abhorrent network activity that occurs during an internet security breach or cyber storm. The maps, which utilize a metaphor based on familiar weather pattern maps, can help systems administrators and others unlock the source […]

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The spread of misinformation online

The spread of misinformation through online social networks is becoming an increasingly worrying problem. Researchers in India have now modeled how such fictions and diffuse through those networks. They described details of their research and the taxonomy that could help those who run, regulate and use online social networks better understand how to slow or […]

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