Socialising with the web of things

Are you Facebook friends with your microwave oven, is your car? Does your washing machine have a blog read by the tumble drier? Ever thought of following your lighting circuit on Twitter, would it make sense to have the electric curtain controllers do so? Well, such whimsical ideas are perhaps a little far-fetched at first […]

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Two life hacks to boost business

Two simple life hacks that might apply to all kinds of situations, business, social life, even family life, emerge from a new study published in the International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering. The first is: “Use face-to-face where possible instead of email and in long-distance collaboration use technologies such as desktop video conferencing” The […]

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An electric drive in the country

Electric vehicles in towns and cities are not the answer to pollution problems and climate change, but they might help country folk reduce their carbon bootprints. Researchers in the UK are questioning the received wisdom regarding the promotion of electric vehicles in towns and cities. Writing in the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, […]

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