April Research Picks

A nice cuppa for antibiotics The presence of pharmaceuticals and drug metabolites in waste water is of growing concern. Now, researchers in India hope a homegrown solution could solve the problem. Sunil Bajpai of the Government Model Science College and Arti Jain of the Shri Ram Institute of Science and Technology in Jabalpur have demonstrated […]

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Newlyweds, be careful what you wish for

A statistical analysis of the gift “fulfillments” at several hundred online wedding gift registries suggests that wedding guests are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to buying an appropriate gift for the happy couple. The details reported in the International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing suggest that most people […]

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Net neutrality on balance

There is a war raging online between those who wish to modulate, control and throttle the flow of information, usually the internet service providers (ISPs) and content creators and consumers who seek neutrality. Net neutrality is the principle on which open democracy and social benefits of the communication age can best be played out, the […]

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